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The Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Fest 2011

I headed up to Brooklyn for the Comics & Graphics Fest (and of course, to have some good eats over at Egg, Fette Sau, and Mast Brothers) this past Saturday. These are a couple of the sweet zines and comics I purchased during the fest — “Freddy Stories” by Melissa Mendes, “Ladies Night” by Lizz Hickey, and the first comics anthology from the Providence Comics Consortium.

The festival was twice as big this year and it was much more difficult to purchase books and zines simply because of how many there were to look through and want to buy. I was seriously overwhelmed and inspired by how much was going on and of all the amazing work I was seeing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to any of the talks…but I was interested in one that was about implementing collage and mixed media techniques into comic form. I think that’s where I was heading with my work earlier this year…but sort of lost towards the end of spring semester. Perhaps I’ll roll back into it this winter and work on more poetry and zine making. I’m definitely inspired after my experience at BCFG.

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